A city in Comal County, Bulverde, Texas dates back to the period when the Native Americans still lived in the area. Bulverde was known for their arrowheads, the Bulverde Point, which is still available today. 
People come from all over to enjoy the tranquility in Bulverde. There are many recreational activities to enjoy including cycling and running roads. If you’re looking for adventure and fun, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Bulverde. You’ll find amazing views of Texas Hill Country with live oak trees and wildflowers lining the roads.

Bulverde is only 18 minutes away from Guadalupe River State Park by car. Known as one of the most beautiful parks in Texas, it offers many outdoor activities like camping, swimming, canoeing, tubing and fishing. There is also a guided walking tour in the park known as Honey Creek State Natural Area.

If you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday night, The Tejas Rodeo Company provides an enjoyable experience with their traditional Texas rodeo.

Below are some interesting facts about Bulverde:

1 Bulverde’s cost of living is higher than the U.S. average.

2 The most pleasant months in Bulverde are April, October and November. July and August are typically not as desirable.

3 The population of Bulverde is about 5,000 with a population growth of 10.4% since 2020.

4 If you’re looking to buy a home in Bulverde, the median cost to purchase one is $450,000. 

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